Pharmacogenomics is abbreviated as PGx. It is the study of how a person’s genetics affects their response to medications. Your doctor can use pharmacogenomic testing to develop safe and effective medication treatment plans tailored to your genetic makeup.

Watch this brief video from the Mayo Clinic below to see how PGx allows your doctor to ensure you get the right medication for you at the right dose.

Some Startling Statistics

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

  • 29 percent of Americans take 5 or more medications
  • Adverse Drug Events (ADE) account for about 1.3 million hospital visits each year
  • ADEs result in 350,000 hospitalizations each year
  • Adverse Drug Events (ADE) cost $3.5 billion annually
  • More than 40% of ADE costs outside the hospital may be preventable
  • The number of ADEs is expected to grow due to new drug development, new uses of old drugs, an aging population and increased medication usage

 Also according to the FDA 

  • There are over 2 million Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) yearly
  • ADRs account for over 100,000 deaths yearly
  •  ADRs are the 4th leading cause of death (more than diabetes, AIDS and car accidents)
  • ADRs cost over $136 billion yearly
  • ADR rate much much more likely in those taking 4 or more prescription medications
  • The FDA includes pharmacogenomic information in the labeling of over 200 medications.


Want to get a Pharmacogenomic (PGx) Test?

  • A PGx test analyzes your specific genetic makeup and identifies certain medications that will potentially work based on your specific unique DNA.
  • Getting  a PGx test can help your doctor identify potential problems before a medication is prescribed.
  • Having this information in advance can give your  doctor the information needed to provide the right medication for you and at the right dose.
  • The test can identify potentially dangerous medications for you.

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I'm Convinced

I have read this information and watched the video. I believe this test can help me avoid adverse drug reactions and help my doctor find the best medications for my condition based on my genetic makeup.